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29/02/2012 18:55

Ya estamos en Twitter y Facebook

Mientras seguimos reestructurando la web, hemos abierto una cuenta tanto en twitter como en Facebook. Para seguirnos:!/LowSun_netlabel   - Chris


23/02/2012 21:07

Vuelta e información de la siguiente reseña.

Después de un tiempo [bastante largo] parados, volvemos con una referencia nueva [la número 003].  En este caso, es otro sencillo de doble cara A firmado por Chris W. Gray. El tracklist es el siguiente:   01 - Forever Sky 02 - Without Your Star   Este single será...


07/10/2010 20:35

Reseña en ruso de nuestras primeras referencias

Se pueden leer, en perfecto ruso, aquí.


07/10/2010 20:15

Low Sun featured in "Dream euphoria" radio show

Some of our artists were played on the internet radio show "Dream euphoria", hosted by me. Also, I played some of the best unsigned artists I found over the internet. This show, aired 2010/09/30, now it can be downloaded here.   - Chris.


04/10/2010 18:47

[LWSN002] Graham Castronovo - A Cry Into The Cosmos

This is our first LP, we're so excited! Now is available for download in "RELEASES" section. Feel free to drop us a line about the album in "FEEDBACK" section. Enjoy!


04/10/2010 18:45

[LWSN001] Solid Machine - Meet Me In A Raindrop / Spring Breeze

So, here is it! Now you can go to "RELEASES" section to download our very first release: Solid Machine's "Meet Me In A Raindrop / Spring Breeze" [double a-side single]. And don't forget to send us your feedback!


03/10/2010 00:03

Tomorrow... Our First Releases!

Everything's ready for our first releases. Want to know more? Keep reading! Our first release will be a double a-side single from the Vietman artist Solid Machine. Two songs to immerse in a dream of unknown feelings and endless emotions. If you like you will love it! Graham Castronovo's "A Cry...


19/09/2010 14:03

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today.